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March 3, 2021

A Statement From Northern Virginia Conservation Trust Executive Director

Alan Rowsome On River Farm


We are disappointed in the American Horticultural Society's (AHS) decision to formally decline our fair and market-rate offer to buy River Farm.  The decision comes at the very moment we secured $2 million in the Virginia state budget to purchase the unique property thanks to the wonderful leadership of Senator Adam Ebbin and Delegate Paul Krizek.


Northern Virginia Conservation Trust and NOVA Parks moved quickly and acted in good faith to meet AHS's initial January 4th deadline for offers, and in the two months it has taken them to respond, we could have been working together to build trust and help release AHS of the financial burden they cite as their primary reason for selling River Farm.


Despite the rejection of our initial offer, we fully intend to continue to pursue the purchase of River Farm by raising more funds and building more community support until our goal of saving this incredible place from development while keeping it open to the public has been achieved.


To champions of the Save River Farm campaign, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and you are the reason we are undeterred by this latest news. We will continue to fight for River Farm as we all know there is only one outcome for this effort that safeguards this unique place for all time.

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